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The adventures of happy boy Zeus!

big, happy & handsome!

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Busy Guy

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It’s been awhile! Things have been so busy for our family. My brother needed surgery, but the good news was that the bump removed was just injured tissue and not cancerous.

At my last checkup they found a stinky tumor in my lung and I’ve had some difficulties with my tummy from my piroxicam, but mommy is on top of it! She calls and emails the nurses and got me in to be seen and we think we’ve got it figured out so my tummy doesn’t hurt and we can still fight the stupid tumor.

Then on top of it all my amputation site tried to open and needed stitches and I had to wear shirts again! But now it’s healed and I can go back to my hydrotherapy!

I missed physical therapy so much- mommy even took me just to visit Jenn and get snacks to keep my spirits up.

Today at Petsmart people had lots of questions about me being a tripawd and they get all sad looking and sound like they pity me when they ask and mommy says I have cancer. Mommy wants them to know I don’t need pity I’m happy and nothing gets me down! We are not done fighting! I’m living life no matter how many months they think I have- I’ll decide when I’m ready to be an angel and not a day before!

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My 5th Birthday!!!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hi Everyone! This week I celebrate my 5th Birthday! Mommy says this is a very special birthday because it marks another year she got to spend with me and I’m just weeks away from my 6 month ampuversary! She ordered a custom doggy cake from the nice bakery we always go to Bakery39. I was SO happy!!! We picked up my cake from the nice lady who owns the bakery, then we went to physical therapy and I got a birthday cookie and a TOY!!!  By the way did I mention that I started standing on two legs sometimes? YEP! Oh and they turned me into a bunny while I was there- I didn’t mind though since I got all those treats! Oh, and you won’t believe this- the next day my best friend next door gave me a TOY!!! And today… MOMMY LET US EAT THE CAKE!!! I’ve had a whole Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! Now I am snoozing…

Postive Energy, Good Karma, Paying it Forward

When I was in the hospital they gave me a compression shirt, but I ended up needing a body bandage because my incision kept bleeding when I hopped along. So my nurse washed my special shirt and gave it to mommy in case I needed it later, but I never did. Well mommy came across the shirt a couple months ago; she definitely didn’t want to keep it, but also couldn’t imagine throwing away an expensive medical item that some other puppy might need. So she went on this rescue network page that she’s always on and asked if someone might need it that had a doggy who was close to my size… and guess what?! Someone knew about a sweet doggy named Champ in a rural shelter in West Virginia, that didn’t have a lot of resources, and was going to need an amputation in a few days.

Champ was even younger than me only 2! Mommy couldn’t imagine Champ having to go through what I did WHILE being in a shelter, so she sent him my compression shirt, some treats, and a special teddy bear to help him not be afraid. I also have a special bear that kind of looks like Champ’s that mommy brought when she gave me my freedom ride from the shelter and it’s the only toy I’ve never ripped up- it brings me comfort, so I knew it would help Champ!

Mommy went to the post office and mailed everything and hoped for the best. She said lots of affirmations for Champ and sent positive thoughts and energy to him. A couple weeks later mommy was driving to work thinking about him and wondering how he was when she got a message that contained the best news ever! Champ was getting great use out of his shirt, he loved his treats & teddy bear and… he didn’t have to recover in the shelter because he found a family! She got a video of him running like the wind wearing my shirt with his new mommy. We would love to post the video, but we don’t have an upgraded blog yet, so below is a screen shot.  

Mommy said this is why we should always think of others because sometimes something that seems so small can make a big difference! We could have just thrown out my shirt because it reminded mommy of bad times when I was diagnosed with cancer and after surgery, but now we have great memories associated with it! I’m so happy Champ has a family! Mommy said this is called paying it forward, good karma, putting positive energy into the universe… I don’t know what all that means, but I think it means just be nice and think about helping other doggies.

Oncology Check-up

So I have these things called 6 week check-ups where mommy takes me all the way back to the doggy hospital in another state (it’s almost an hour!). I still get the shakes in the waiting room because I remember when I had to stay overnight  for my amputation without mommy or daddy for 2 whole nights! So anyway, they always tell me how cute and strong I am and steal my blood and sometimes make me get x-rays! This time they told me to go pee and I said are you kidding me? I’m a grown man (5 next month to be exact) I only pee in my own yard! So mommy had to do that part and take it to my regular vet  (sorry mommy for the extra trips). They said my labwork was great, but that I have a UTI so I have to take some more medicine this week to make it go away. Sheesh all these pills!

So mommy also found out that my paw sores are from my allergies too! Guess I’m just a sensitive guy or something. The vet said I need some medicine and antihistamines to help them get better. She also told mommy to alternate soaking my feet in epsom salt and chlorhexidine solution with water. The first time mommy thought it would be noooo problem because I walk right into the treadmill at water therapy. She was WRONG. I fought her and refused to step inside the stupid bin she filled with water! I backed up and dropped all 96 pounds so I was one big heavy weight. I totally thought I won that battle. Well… she remembered a trick a vet tech told her and whipped out a ziplock (mommies are TOO resourceful)! But at least I get to lay down while she soaks me (so I guess this is what they call a compromise). My “tootsies” are already looking better according to mom and now I’m curled up tightly like a snail sleeping soundly and she can’t get to my feet if she tried! Bet nobody thought a mastiff could curl up this small, but I CAN!

A Doggy Chiropractor????

Yesterday I went to physical therapy and met a new therapist! I had both of them eating out of my paw- I mean just look! Therapist Jenn thought she was going to get a kiss, but I can’t look like a softie- I have to save them all year and only give them out sparingly to mommy for things like seeing her after my amputation at the hospital. But I don’t blame Jenn; I’m pretty hard to resist! 

Today we went back to my new vet. It’s like a puppy spa! They even have special floors with a path that has grip on them for pups like me!

I met this person called a chiropractor and I was a little scared, but then I laid there like okay- chiropract me! I only had a few spots that needed adjustment and unlike people I don’t make big popping noises. You can barely hear a thing! Mommy said she hopes this helps me with my walking because I have sores between my paws from rubbing when I hop around. I’m not sure if it helped yet, but I hope so!

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