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The adventures of happy boy Zeus!

big, happy & handsome!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sooo mommy has been having some scary health issues the past couple of months.  She has had nerve pains and suddenly lost her hearing in one ear! She was very scared but don’t worry- I have been there helping mommy all along the way. She is starting to get better, and I will make sure she gets to her best health yet! Of course, mommy needed some signs from me. Whenever she gets scared or worried she talks to me, and I reassure her that things will always turn out okay! Mommy has been trying to figure out where to take my big brother Jasper for his birthday on Valentine’s Day and yesterday she said it suddenly hit her that they should come visit ME at the memorial park! Earlier she had found my big brother Jasper laying next to my memorial stone at home.💕

She has been asking me to play our song “Alright” on the radio the past few weeks while she’s had the sudden hearing loss and recovering, and I kept telling her things would be okay,   but I had to wait for just the right time to play the song, so she’d KNOW it was me and of course follow it up with all those confirmation signs mommy needs!

So yesterday, when mommy was driving during a time, she wouldn’t normally be going somewhere she doesn’t normally go… I made sure the song played and best of all her hearing is much better and she could hear it in both ears and was crying happy tears and singing the song. Then mommy made this really nice post on Instagram sharing our photo together telling everyone how special I am and how I always comfort her from the spirit world.

Well, this afternoon, one of mommy’s best friends happened to be at the memorial park where I am for a memorial service and sent mommy a picture of my memorial.

Mommy couldn’t believe it and told her about my signs and how she’d just posted a pic of me. Then common… you know I wasn’t done! While mommy was teaching her class this evening she asked all the students how they were feeling and said to write a word, phrase, or song lyric in the chat and everyone was saying they were tired or sleepy except… one student who said “…Because I’m happy…” and mommy was shocked but not too surprised because she knows when I’m on a spirit sign roll and she asked, “The song by Pharrell?” because that’s one of my songs since mommy always said I was so happy no matter what. And the student confirmed saying “YESSSSS!!!”.  If you remember, this is also the song I made play right before mommy’s birthday in 2020.

So just remember, even when things are scary everything will be ALRIGHT and BE HAPPY because we are still here, and we will always be with you and mommy I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo ZU

Angel Signs!

Mommy has been so busy but it is ALL GOOD! Don’t worry I’ve been sending lots of signs to mommy- she just didn’t get a chance to post them. I even visited her the other night in her dream. She called out my name and I came running around the corner with a big smile and bounded into her arms so she could hug me again because she was just talking about how she would give anything if she could have one of my great hugs again (I used to spin in a circle and jump up and hug her every time she came home)- I mean what’s a boy to do but come hug his mommy in her dreams after hearing that!?

In May mommy was missing me a lot. It was late at night and she was letting my brothers out and while she waited she came over by my home memorial and told me she missed me and called one of my brothers over to talk to me too. One thing you should know is that red is my color- mommy always buys me red flowers every year and there is a red flower bush in the front yard that only blooms once a year for a very short time. Mommy had been really happy because it was blooming. Okay, so back to my story- I made sure I came to visit her in her dreams that night.

The next afternoon she went outside and something caught her eye… a single red flower next to my memorial stone. She knelt down and picked it up and saw what looked like a single strand of white fur (like mine). She was in shock and picked it up trying to figure out where it came from and instantly knew it was a sign from me. She realized I made one single flower blow through the fence and steps right in front of my memorial with that white strand (she has no idea how much angel energy that took!). She took the flower and froze it and immediately set out to learn how to memorialize it in Resin as she’d wanted to for a long time with some of my fur and one of her goddoggies fur.

My Home Memorial

The flower bush around the corner

The flower with a white strand on the top petal

Mommy did some practice pieces first because she said my flower was too precious to not get right. So after she learned she went and got some more of my fur off my jacket that’s been in my closet ever since I went to the rainbow bridge and she put it with the flower so now she has a necklace (actually she made 2!) that will always have a piece of me and my magical sign in it. So how’s that MOMMY!!!!

My magical flower and fur necklace mommy laid on my coat

LOVE YOU MOMMY- I’m always and forever your ZUZU- can’t wait to visit you again soon- but remember I never went anywhere – I’m always right here! Just call me and I’ll come running to you in your dreams mommy.

Hi Mommy!

So Mommy has been having a tough time- they think maybe she got Lyme cutting the neighbor’s yard but nobody is really sure- she had to take lots of medicine and is starting to feel better but had lots of hard days the past month and still has some aches and pains. Mommy said she is willing herself to get better and is going to take very good care of herself so she can heal her body. So you know even when mommy didn’t feel good she wanted to go see me sooo much but can’t right now. She decided to replicate my memorial at home.

Mommy bought the same solar flowers and ordered another memorial stone just to have a special place for me until she can go visit me again at the memorial park. I mean mommy knows I’m always with her but since she’s had such a hard year I’ve been coming around a lot to give her love.

The night  mommy finalized the proof for my new memorial stone I came in her dream – running into the bedroom smiling as a tripawd ready to snuggle up with her (I wasn’t a big snuggler but mommy loved it) and she was so happy she couldn’t believe it, but was sad she woke up so fast. So then I thought I probably need to show up for mommy twice as much.

So … mommy had just wrote to grandma that she didn’t know when my stone would come and as soon as she hit send on the email an email came through from the seller telling mommy the stone  was shipped! A couple weeks later mommy woke up and the stone was there.

She went to take a nap and when she woke up she accidentally hit her phone and looked down and I had our song on her phone screen. Mommy laughed out loud- she said “of course you would Zuzu“- you know me mommy! I had to let you know that I love my new memorial! I’m always with you mommy. I know things are so hard right now but they are going to be so much better in time. I’m always here mommy always always you protector and guide mommy. You never have to worry about me going away because you are my special person and I’m your angel. I’m with you everyday- you gave me the best life mommy and I’m going to give you the best life too.   I’m your ZuBear. Love you forever mommy!

Year of the ZUZU- Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

This has been a really tough year for mommy, but it’s also shown her how much everyone loves her. A quick update- daddy is home and recovering well! He does physical therapy with mommy to practice walking just like I did. Mommy and my brothers had a birthday party for me last month! I turned 8.

Okay now for the ZuAngel Signs!

So mommy started to not feel good in March and then she started feeling better but has had some stuff with her allergies and neck that just hasn’t gone away so she called her doctor and they tried lots of stuff and then they said she needed to go get a CT Scan. Mommy was so worried because she didn’t want to get sick from this pandemic by going to the doctor. She was careful and went and did all the tests and was really worried since they couldn’t find anything right away and said she would have to wait for results.

As she started to drive out of the doctor’s parking lot the first song the radio switched to was one of my “get mommy’s attention” songs “Alright” as soon as it came on mommy started bawling because she knew I was telling her that she’s going to be alright. She had been wanting to hear from me, and it was the first time she’d gone anywhere in almost a month besides to pickup daddy. She just couldn’t believe the one time she had to leave the house and was scared that I immediately came through the radio. She called grandma and her friend who is like another mommy and they joked maybe she didn’t feel good just so she’d get in car so I could send her a message. I wouldn’t do that! Haha, but I will grab her attention when she does leave.

Oh, you thought I was done? Nope. So mommy always stays home to be with daddy, but today she had to go pickup doggy preventatives at the vet about 10 minutes away. She’s still not all better so she talked to her doctor again before she left and they are sending a new medicine they hope makes mommy all better. On the way home she was thinking how sunny and beautiful it was and how she wished she could just drive to my memorial an hour away and take my new flower lights and visit me. Then she was thinking if I played one of our songs on the radio that it would mean she’s going to get better from the new medicine… so by the time she got to the next stoplight about 10 seconds away she heard the radio announcer say the next artist was going to sing the national anthem at the NASCAR Darlington race and she was not expecting what happened next… um of course I made “Alright” play again. Mommy was smiling so big under her mask and then her eyes started to water; she sang the song making up her own lyrics about me. She called grandma to tell her I did it again and grandma was just stunned. Mommy has only left the house 4 times since the lockdown: 1 to get daddy, 1 to get gas for lawnmower and these two times- I mean I have to make it count since she will be home all year and doesn’t listen to the radio at home!

Love you Mommy- it’s still the year of ZUZU and it will get better!



My mommy has been needing me. My daddy was working in China and mommy got a call in America that he was in the hospital in critical condition. He had a cold that sparked an autoimmune response paralyzing him and putting him into a semi-conscious state. At first they did not know what was wrong. He had to be transferred to three hospitals and mommy was staying up overnight because of the time difference. They told her it was very serious and she must come at once. Mommy’s passport had expired and she didn’t have a visa. Everyone jumped into action her friends and family started helping and with the help of the consulate in China mommy got a visa in 30 minutes and passport same day- that is unheard of. Her friends came over to stay with my brothers and kitty sister and helped her pack and get all the paperwork together and got her to the airport immediately.

Mommy was so scared because she had been staying up coordinating daddy’s care over skype with translators and getting daddy’s U.S. insurance onboard to see about getting medical flight to the United States; it was all so overwhelming for her how daddy could go from just having a cold to not being able to move, speak, or open his eyes and having life threatening complications.

Mommy will tell you later but there were TONS of mini miracles that just made everything fall into place wink wink. The day mommy went to Washington DC to get her passport and visa she wore my nose print necklace and a sweater daddy got her in South America. When she started packing for China she thought about bringing her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt she use to let me wear when I had therapy. She almost packed it, but then put it back thinking how sad she would be if it got lost…

Well as soon as mommy came back from her first visit with daddy in China I made sure this popped up on her timeline- yep me in the ninja turtle t-shirt at water therapy. I am with you mommy and daddy and I’m gonna help daddy get through his therapy. I am with you every moment and you may not have brought that shirt, but I brought me to you in that shirt so you know I’m always by your side. You do not have to worry mommy! Daddy is going to get better so fast! I will help you bring him home and stay with him in the hospital when you can’t.

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