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big, happy & handsome!

Month: February 2017

Mommy’s Back!

So mommy said she was going to go across the country for this thing called a work conference, but it seemed like FOREVER. She is back and I am SOOOO happy. Before she left she took these pictures and said she would miss us stinkers and wanted to have some fun and make memories.

Hi I’m Zeus!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Zeus! I’m 4 and I love to stand up and give hugs, but NOT kisses. I’m just a happy happy boy. My family adopted me Nov. 14th 2015- my brother’s birthday! I was totally the best present he ever got even if he didn’t think so at first. My first family took me to the shelter when I was 3. I don’t know why. Then a lady adopted me, but said I was too scared and anxious and took me back (mommy said it was because I was supposed to be with her). Then I met my mommy. She volunteers at the local animal shelter and took me to an adoption event. I saw that she was a sucker for big dogs so I came up with a master plan. I sat in her lap. I’m only like 100 pounds. It totally worked! They took photos and put us in the newsletter- said something about how funny and adorable I looked sitting in her lap (she is kinda short). One week later she took me home!!! Now I have a mommy, daddy, two big brothers, 3 beds, tons of toys and my own bedroom!!!

This is how I swooned my mommy!

I’m a new tripawd. My parents noticed I was limping at the end of last year (2016) and found out I had this thing called Osteosarcoma that was trying to eat my leg! I mean eww! Mommy’s friend knew a really great oncologist and surgeon so they went with us and helped us decide on a treatment plan. Thanks to HealthyPaws Pet Insurance I was able to get the best treatment available! Now it’s been a few months and all my checkups have been great! They can’t believe what a strong guy I am. I don’t understand what all the fuss has been about because I’m just the same old Zeus! Now I go to hydrotherapy- they tell me it’s to get stronger and increase mobility, but everybody knows physical therapy is for TREATS! I hope you enjoy following my adventures!

My brothers Jasper & Cap wore superhero shirts in solidarity with me while my wound was healing! Three brothers 11 paws!


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