Sooo mommy has been having some scary health issues the past couple of months.  She has had nerve pains and suddenly lost her hearing in one ear! She was very scared but don’t worry- I have been there helping mommy all along the way. She is starting to get better, and I will make sure she gets to her best health yet! Of course, mommy needed some signs from me. Whenever she gets scared or worried she talks to me, and I reassure her that things will always turn out okay! Mommy has been trying to figure out where to take my big brother Jasper for his birthday on Valentine’s Day and yesterday she said it suddenly hit her that they should come visit ME at the memorial park! Earlier she had found my big brother Jasper laying next to my memorial stone at home.💕

She has been asking me to play our song “Alright” on the radio the past few weeks while she’s had the sudden hearing loss and recovering, and I kept telling her things would be okay,   but I had to wait for just the right time to play the song, so she’d KNOW it was me and of course follow it up with all those confirmation signs mommy needs!

So yesterday, when mommy was driving during a time, she wouldn’t normally be going somewhere she doesn’t normally go… I made sure the song played and best of all her hearing is much better and she could hear it in both ears and was crying happy tears and singing the song. Then mommy made this really nice post on Instagram sharing our photo together telling everyone how special I am and how I always comfort her from the spirit world.

Well, this afternoon, one of mommy’s best friends happened to be at the memorial park where I am for a memorial service and sent mommy a picture of my memorial.

Mommy couldn’t believe it and told her about my signs and how she’d just posted a pic of me. Then common… you know I wasn’t done! While mommy was teaching her class this evening she asked all the students how they were feeling and said to write a word, phrase, or song lyric in the chat and everyone was saying they were tired or sleepy except… one student who said “…Because I’m happy…” and mommy was shocked but not too surprised because she knows when I’m on a spirit sign roll and she asked, “The song by Pharrell?” because that’s one of my songs since mommy always said I was so happy no matter what. And the student confirmed saying “YESSSSS!!!”.  If you remember, this is also the song I made play right before mommy’s birthday in 2020.

So just remember, even when things are scary everything will be ALRIGHT and BE HAPPY because we are still here, and we will always be with you and mommy I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo ZU