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big, happy & handsome!

Month: May 2017

Need some pawsitive vibes!

So they found these lumps on me when we went to the doctor, but told mommy not to worry that they are likely benign, but now one is the size of a golf ball! Mommy freaks out over everything (she tries to hide it but I’m a smart boy) so she moved my appointment to next week instead of June. She said I must be checked and have all the best care! I don’t want her worrying so I’ll go along with it. Tomorrow we have hydrotherapy again – I’m sooo happy!!!!

Mommys also been taking us to the doggy park! I got to go two days in a row!!! I even initiated play which I almost never do!

Best news of the day-my whimzees arrived!! We haven’t had them in awhile and my brothers and I were soo excited!


Busy Guy

It’s been awhile! Things have been so busy for our family. My brother needed surgery, but the good news was that the bump removed was just injured tissue and not cancerous.

At my last checkup they found a stinky tumor in my lung and I’ve had some difficulties with my tummy from my piroxicam, but mommy is on top of it! She calls and emails the nurses and got me in to be seen and we think we’ve got it figured out so my tummy doesn’t hurt and we can still fight the stupid tumor.

Then on top of it all my amputation site tried to open and needed stitches and I had to wear shirts again! But now it’s healed and I can go back to my hydrotherapy!

I missed physical therapy so much- mommy even took me just to visit Jenn and get snacks to keep my spirits up.

Today at Petsmart people had lots of questions about me being a tripawd and they get all sad looking and sound like they pity me when they ask and mommy says I have cancer. Mommy wants them to know I don’t need pity I’m happy and nothing gets me down! We are not done fighting! I’m living life no matter how many months they think I have- I’ll decide when I’m ready to be an angel and not a day before!

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