So um, a lot has happened since mommy last blogged. My daddy came home from working all summer and my brothers were sooo happy to have the family together! Daddy didn’t see it, but when he came home I ran down the hallway, spun in a circle and jumped up and hugged him- angels can still do these things you know. The day before daddy came home mommy and Jasper went to my memorial because my permanent memorial stone arrived. They went with one of mommy’s friends- Natasha. She is really nice and she saw me on my last earth day and gave me pets. They cleaned all around my memorial and Jasper laid with me in it- he really seems to like visiting me there (I’m with him everywhere, but he remembers seeing me again for the last time there). Captain doesn’t really seem to find it as peaceful to go, so mommy let him stay home.

Mommy bought my brothers identical super hero capes like mine and her friend Virgil who took all the nice photos of me did a memorial photo shoot with my brothers at a mansion. The photos are really beautiful. They sure love me A LOT! I was right there with them when they were taking the photos and they are Zuzu approved. Mommy’s friend Sonya had to come help because my brother Captain is pretty wild. They had long leashes on my brothers that were photoshopped out and mommy thought there was NO WAY they got the shot, but they did!

For my one month angel anniversary mommy took Cap on the same cruise we went on the day before I became an angel. He wore the super hero cape there too and he went right over to the same spot I sat when I rode the boat! Cap really liked it and everyone loved him just like they loved me! I was happy he got to share the experience. Mommy took Jasper to see my favorite baker and go for a hike at the park earlier that day- I’m so happy my brothers are getting lots of mommy time.


And you are never going to believe this! An article was written about me and people from all over the world have read it and commented! Mommy says it’s important to keep sharing my story- to let people know that adult dogs, shelter pups, tripawds, doggies with cancer… all deserve lots and lots of love and we will love you lots and lots in return.

Well more to come soon, mommy has been having kind of a hard time lately- she gets sad a lot and tries not to cry- but I see her let some tears slip down her cheek every once in awhile and hold my teddy bear or sit on my bed- she talks to me and I’m right there; I hear every word.  Mommy, I’m ALWAYS right there- I won’t leave you- never ever ever. You don’t have to be strong all the time, but try not to stay sad for too long. I like seeing you laugh and play with my brothers and tell silly stories about me. I love you mommy! XOXO Zubear.