So mommy has been asking for an Angel sign. She kept waiting for our boat ride song to play on the radio and thinking I would visit on my brother Captain’s birthday like I did before, but nope… I decided to visit mommy on HER birthday. I have to make sure I always surprise her so she knows it’s really me. I can’t be predictable; otherwise mommy will think it’s just a coincidence. So I made sure to send mommy and grandma angel signs all week and on mommy’s birthday.

First, mommy happened to mention to grandma the name of our boat ride song and played it for her. Then grandma started looking up the artist and saw that he’d signed to Show Dog Universal Music. She asked mommy if she knew that and mommy said she’d never looked up the artist other than to download our song. Mommy got the spirit chills (she gets those when she is connecting with the spirit world to confirm it’s an actual message). Grandma got the spirit chills too.

Then mommy was at work and one of her students said they were sad the semester was ending and asked if they could visit mommy and she said sure at her office. Then they looked up, smiled and said, “I want to see Zeus.” Mommy was stunned she knew she must have talked about me to them, but couldn’t recall when and was just taken aback that of all the things they said, they mentioned me and just knew mommy had photos of me in her office. Yup, I’m so good at these Angel signs!

Then a couple days later I got grandma to mention this card she had that reminded her of me while unpacking from moving things to her new house. Grandma had asked grandpa if she should tell mommy about the card because it might make her sad and grandpa didn’t think she should, but she briefly mentioned it to mommy and mommy told her to send it… it was my birthday card to mommy!

The doggy on the front kind of looks like me and inside I told mommy how much I would love to see her face- she always said how much she loved my wrinkles and smooshy face. She would put her hands on my wrinkles and kiss me and say I had a “big ‘ol smooshy face.” I knew she would get the reference when grandma told her about it…

Then then next day just to make sure mommy knew the card & message was from me I had grandma find these 3 photos of me in her closet while she was cleaning and one of them was mommy kissing my “smooshy face” and was the exact photo shown at a pet memorial service mommy went to a couple weeks ago. Mommy sent in lots of my photos (including photos of her goddoggies and the shelter pups who have passed away) and the people picked one photo of each pup for the slideshow… of course you know the mommy kissing me photo was the one they chose to include in the service (it’s also the selfie mommy is most proud of and one of her fav photos of us).

One of mommy’s “smooshy face” photos- she just could never resist my wrinkles:

Then just in case mommy still wasn’t convinced I played another one of our songs while she drove home with my brother Jasper from walking in the rain on her birthday.

She had happy tears running down her face and had to pull over. I made her dream about that song the night I left and she didn’t know why I wanted her to listen to the song because the lyrics didn’t make sense, but then she got it – the title is “My Comeback Song” and the video shows a place that looks exactly like the beautiful place mommy took me for Super Zeus Day and my boat ride the last day we had together. This time when she watched it she even noticed he is by a graveyard in one shot and one of the lyrics is “…I wish I had my arms around you, but I’ll just dream of you instead…”

From the music video

Last photo mommy took of me by our boat- I knew she’d get why I wanted her to hear the song when she saw the video 😉

I love how my mommy loves me and I love her so much I could never let something silly like not having a body stand in the way! So sorry it took me so long mommy, I was making big plans to surprise you!


Your Smooshy Face – Zuzu xoxo

P.S. Mommy thought I was done… nope I played my comeback song again today and when she went online she saw a doggy got adopted by one of the rescues she is friends with and guess what her name was… snickerdoodle… in case you just started following my blog that was mommy’s special nickname for me that not many people know and she even let me eat them and I loved them! Just wanted to pop up again and say “Hi Mommy” from your little snickerdoodle.