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My mommy has been needing me. My daddy was working in China and mommy got a call in America that he was in the hospital in critical condition. He had a cold that sparked an autoimmune response paralyzing him and putting him into a semi-conscious state. At first they did not know what was wrong. He had to be transferred to three hospitals and mommy was staying up overnight because of the time difference. They told her it was very serious and she must come at once. Mommy’s passport had expired and she didn’t have a visa. Everyone jumped into action her friends and family started helping and with the help of the consulate in China mommy got a visa in 30 minutes and passport same day- that is unheard of. Her friends came over to stay with my brothers and kitty sister and helped her pack and get all the paperwork together and got her to the airport immediately.

Mommy was so scared because she had been staying up coordinating daddy’s care over skype with translators and getting daddy’s U.S. insurance onboard to see about getting medical flight to the United States; it was all so overwhelming for her how daddy could go from just having a cold to not being able to move, speak, or open his eyes and having life threatening complications.

Mommy will tell you later but there were TONS of mini miracles that just made everything fall into place wink wink. The day mommy went to Washington DC to get her passport and visa she wore my nose print necklace and a sweater daddy got her in South America. When she started packing for China she thought about bringing her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt she use to let me wear when I had therapy. She almost packed it, but then put it back thinking how sad she would be if it got lost…

Well as soon as mommy came back from her first visit with daddy in China I made sure this popped up on her timeline- yep me in the ninja turtle t-shirt at water therapy. I am with you mommy and daddy and I’m gonna help daddy get through his therapy. I am with you every moment and you may not have brought that shirt, but I brought me to you in that shirt so you know I’m always by your side. You do not have to worry mommy! Daddy is going to get better so fast! I will help you bring him home and stay with him in the hospital when you can’t.


  1. jerry

    Woooooaaaaaah. Oh my gosh that is so incredibly scary. Zeus, your mom needs you now more than ever. Dad too! Keep working your Ninja Turtle magic so he can be all better and healthy again. I know you can do it.

    Please keep us posted on how things are going. I hope he’s home now and feeling better. We are so sorry you all had to go through such a scary time.

  2. jerry

    Hey just wondering how your husband is doing. Drop us a line when you can OK? We are thinking of you.

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