So Mommy has been soooo busy and daddy is teaching abroad so mommy has her hands full with all of my brothers and kitty sister. She also got really really sick, but she’s much better now. So much has happened, but I’ll start with mommy and Jasper’s last visit. They came up to see me at the memorial park. Mommy says those are the best days- coming with Jasper and cleaning my memorial, talking to me, walking in the beautiful park, and then she takes Jasper to get ice cream! They brought me my fall glass pumpkin and a new holiday wreath- mommy always decorates a new one for me every year; it’s our special thing.

This year is my baby brother Bruno’s first holiday season with us. Last year his family took him to the shelter where he had to stay during Christmas and the New Year. I know what it’s like to be sad and scared in the shelter so I’m really happy he gets to be part of our family. I know it was really hard for mommy to adopt again, she said she wouldn’t do it for a long time and had no plans to, but I felt like two years was a good amount of time and I wanted mommy to smile and laugh again with another pup and for another doggy to get to have a great life like I did. I kinda had to sneak him into her heart. I just made everything align for him to end up with us- even when mommy said he was just a foster and she absolutely wasn’t adopting him LOL sure mommy, sure. Bruno is a baby goofball and mommy I think has an inkling I sent him. Even though he can be mischievous, it’s in a funny way and mommy says she cannot imagine not having him in the family. Mommy has been doing lots of special things with him to make his first year end with lots of fun. She took him to a holiday light show doggies were allowed to go to and he even got photos with Santa!

And of course I couldn’t let Christmas go by without sending mommy an angel sign. She ended up going to her friends house on Christmas after they had dinner at a restaurant because her friend forgot my brother and sister’s gifts. When mommy got there her friend said she also had some left over food and toy grab bags from an event mommy could have for my brothers. The next day when mommy was going through the items she saw a unicorn toy that reminded her of the dino/unicorn toy my physical therapist gave me that I loved! Daddy picked that toy as his special treasure to bury with me.

But of course I wasn’t done. You know how mommy is she always needs like lots of confirmation signs so I knew just what would get her attention (it works with Santa too)… cookies! Mommy LOVES these cookies that she found one time at Costco. She kept searching everywhere for them all year and finally gave up. She couldn’t remember the name and they seemed to not carry them anymore at Costco. So she went to buy my brothers their green beans and… yeah you already know – there was a bag of the cookies sitting in the green bean boxes. Mommy stopped in her tracks. She was shocked that these specific cookies were sitting there staring at her in the box of the one item she came to buy for my brothers. She smiled and instantly knew it was her Zuzu. I mean you have to get creative from the otherside with sending your mommy cookies at Christmas! She picked them up and immediately put them in the cart, but then put them back just to take a photo to remember the special moment. To some it may seem silly or coincidence, but mommy knows the difference and I know how to catch her attention. Love you mommy!