Hi! I’m Zeus!

I’m 4 years old. My family adopted me Nov. 14th, 2015. I’m loving life! I’m a new tripawd. My parents noticed I was limping at the end of last year (2016) and found out I had this thing called Osteosarcoma that was trying to eat my leg! I mean eww! Mommy’s friend knew a really great oncologist and surgeon so they went with us and helped us decide on a treatment plan. Thanks to HealthyPaws Pet Insurance I was able to get the best treatment available! Now it’s been a few months and all my checkups have been great! They can’t believe what a strong guy I am. I don’t understand what all the fuss has been about because I’m just the same old Zeus! Now I go to hydrotherapy- they tell me it’s to get stronger and increase mobility, but everybody knows physical therapy is for TREATS! I hope you enjoy following my adventures!