This has been a really tough year for mommy, but it’s also shown her how much everyone loves her. A quick update- daddy is home and recovering well! He does physical therapy with mommy to practice walking just like I did. Mommy and my brothers had a birthday party for me last month! I turned 8.

Okay now for the ZuAngel Signs!

So mommy started to not feel good in March and then she started feeling better but has had some stuff with her allergies and neck that just hasn’t gone away so she called her doctor and they tried lots of stuff and then they said she needed to go get a CT Scan. Mommy was so worried because she didn’t want to get sick from this pandemic by going to the doctor. She was careful and went and did all the tests and was really worried since they couldn’t find anything right away and said she would have to wait for results.

As she started to drive out of the doctor’s parking lot the first song the radio switched to was one of my “get mommy’s attention” songs “Alright” as soon as it came on mommy started bawling because she knew I was telling her that she’s going to be alright. She had been wanting to hear from me, and it was the first time she’d gone anywhere in almost a month besides to pickup daddy. She just couldn’t believe the one time she had to leave the house and was scared that I immediately came through the radio. She called grandma and her friend who is like another mommy and they joked maybe she didn’t feel good just so she’d get in car so I could send her a message. I wouldn’t do that! Haha, but I will grab her attention when she does leave.

Oh, you thought I was done? Nope. So mommy always stays home to be with daddy, but today she had to go pickup doggy preventatives at the vet about 10 minutes away. She’s still not all better so she talked to her doctor again before she left and they are sending a new medicine they hope makes mommy all better. On the way home she was thinking how sunny and beautiful it was and how she wished she could just drive to my memorial an hour away and take my new flower lights and visit me. Then she was thinking if I played one of our songs on the radio that it would mean she’s going to get better from the new medicine… so by the time she got to the next stoplight about 10 seconds away she heard the radio announcer say the next artist was going to sing the national anthem at the NASCAR Darlington race and she was not expecting what happened next… um of course I made “Alright” play again. Mommy was smiling so big under her mask and then her eyes started to water; she sang the song making up her own lyrics about me. She called grandma to tell her I did it again and grandma was just stunned. Mommy has only left the house 4 times since the lockdown: 1 to get daddy, 1 to get gas for lawnmower and these two times- I mean I have to make it count since she will be home all year and doesn’t listen to the radio at home!

Love you Mommy- it’s still the year of ZUZU and it will get better!