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big, happy & handsome!

I’m Still Around!

Hi Everyone!

So much has been going on and mommy needs to update my blog to get more storage space since she LOVES posting tons of photos. She’s going to give you LOTS of updates about all that I have been up to from the Rainbow Bridge as soon as school is out for the summer… and guess what?! I helped mommy get an awesome new job as a professor (it’s her dream job)! Her and daddy spent so much money to help me and I wanted to make sure mommy, daddy and my brothers have everything they need. Mommy’s new job means she is off in the summers to be with my brothers and no more worries about finances!

So I thought I’d just let you know about my latest angel sign. Last night mommy was watching a vet show and the doggy on the show also had bone cancer and had to have his leg amputated and then it wasn’t long before he was at the Rainbow Bridge with me. Because of the show Mommy was really thinking about me more than usual (which is already almost every minute of the day) when she woke up today. She decided to sleep in a little and then headed to work.

Since she was missing me she played our special song from my boatride the night before I crossed over. While she was playing the song on her phone in the car today she thought to herself (or more like I made the thought pop into mommy’s head lol) what if she turned on the radio and our song was playing at that same moment (I’ve only made the song play twice since I crossed and I always do it when she has changed her schedule and wouldn’t normally be in the car listening to the radio so that she knows FOR SURE that it’s me (I’m a smart boy and I know my mommy).

So anyhow, mommy is thinking, “I wonder if I turn up the radio if me and Zuzu’s song is playing. Then I’d know he is with me because he’s only made it play twice.”

So mommy turns her phone down and turns up the radio… common you should know the rest by now if you’ve been reading my blog… OF COURSE I had the song playing at the EXACT SAME TIME, so as soon as mommy turned her phone down the radio picked up playing the song at the exact same spot. Mommy was in shock, she had to check that it was actually the radio playing and not her phone still. She burst into tears because it let her know that I was with her at the exact moment- as soon as she played the song on her phone, I made it play on the radio.

I was there in that car. Mommy forget’s sometimes that I can go EVERYWHERE now. I keep telling her that I’m ALWAYS with her. I hear her talk to me everyday and I know that more than anything she just wants to hug me and smoosh my big face and give me kisses so I had to come through SUPER powerful for mommy today so she wouldn’t have any doubt at all.

Ps. Don’t tell mommy, but by the time she updates my blog again… she will have another angel story- I’ll never stop finding ways to come through. Mommy’s friend told her that she was my guardian angel on earth and now I’m hers. That’s exactly right. Love you mommy! XOXO


  1. dougo1

    YEP Totally real how this happens to YOU! Love bond so Strong Cannot be broken

    • zubear

      🐾❤️ nope nothing can break a bond with a soulmate!

      • dougo1

        The Love you share can never be broken , not by time, distance , nor dimension.

        It is as Endless and Timeless as our very SOULS are.

        My Cookie was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with bone cancer and we had the amputation and our first chemo today and I always know in my heart I have you and others who have walked in our shoes to give me the support I need.
        God Bless you and your ANGEL!

        • zubear

          Absolutely! If you ever have any questions or want to talk I’m here. We didn’t document Zeus’ early part of his journey but I’m happy to share anything! I know there are so many choices to make along the way that can sometimes seem overwhelming ❤️

  2. paws120

    That is the best angel sign! I would have been crying like a baby. Such handsome pups, I will be looking for the next angel sign 🙂

    Jackie and Huck

    • zubear

      Thank you and believe me Mommy was also crying like a baby! I will be sharing lots of stories soon 😊 I love finding new ways to let mommy know that I’m still around- she’s really into synchronicity so I like to make sure she has some good stories!

  3. Michelle

    Thank you Zeusy for sharing your stories on the Bridge.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • zubear

      Of course! I woke up, went to sleep, fought cancer and went to the rainbow bridge happy- just full of joy everyday 🐾💕🌈 and nothing has changed 😊

  4. jerry

    I LOVE signs like that Zeus! And I’ll bet you had your paw in her new job opportunity too eh? Yay! No doubt you made your momma sooooo hoppy. Thank you for sending so much love into the world.

    • zubear

      The new job was totally Zeus 😉 I was literally talking to my mom about how horrible the year had been losing ZuZu + a bunch of other things and asking when it was going to get better when Call waiting beeped and it was the job offering me an interview. I had to laugh because it was so Zeus to make it happen the very moment I was venting- his little serious sarcastic silly sense of humor ❤️😆 like “oh Mom I got this, here ya go here’s the job” lol

      • dougo1

        Whoo Hoo…. YOU GO ZEUS !

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