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The adventures of happy boy Zeus!

big, happy & handsome!

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Mommy’s Angel

Today marks one week since I became an angel. Mommy misses me terribly, but knows that she did the right thing because she asked me to let her know if I ever got too tired and needed help going to the spirit world. Last Friday I gave her the sign that she’d never spoken, but I knew because I’m her best friend. She didn’t believe it because I seemed okay. I had lost sight in one eye from a tumor, but I was still having fun. In fact, the next day we went on my first cruise back in that magical Annapolis  where I did my photo shoot for Super Zeus Day and I wore my superhero cape again and everyone loved me so much. It was amazing! I love driving with the windows down so this was like that x 100! Mommy used to laugh because every time she thought I had fallen asleep in the car, she’d peek in the back seat and my head would pop up facing the breeze from the window. I was even running around later that night, but then it happened in the wee hours of Sunday morning, my body just couldn’t handle all the stupid tumors and I became distressed and couldn’t open my eyes.

I know it was really hard for mommy, she promised I would NEVER EVER suffer- that I would always have my dignity because she loves me so much. After watching me struggle into the night restlessly wandering and unable to control my eyes, getting hot, panting she took me to the hospital and helped me cross over. The doctor told her that a tumor may have gotten to my brain and wasn’t allowing me to control my eye function and mommy knew then that the newest chemo- our last option wasn’t working. She brought my blanket & pillow and held me- she kissed and pet me for a really long time. She knew it was the right thing, but it didn’t make it any easier. I had finished my bucket list and it was time to run free.

We’d eaten snickerdoodle cookies, went and visited all my friends (physical therapist, baker, next door neighbor), snuck me extra whimzees, done a photo shoot, tried ice cream, went to the beach, made a nose mold for mom’s necklace, done paw prints with my brothers, snuggled…. I’ve been sending mommy messages from the other side- lots of them, but she still says she just wishes she could hold me again;  that I am the happiest, sweetest, strongest pup she’s ever known and my uncontainable joy filled the house and her heart- she says it’s just too quiet now.

My brothers and my best friend went with mommy to the memorial site last week. My brothers sniffed me and know that I’m their angel now- imagine that, their baby brother is now their protector. My burial will be on Tuesday. Mommy brought my superhero cape, pillow, blankets, toys and a letter for me. The Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers made a very nice turtle blanket for me, but I crossed over before it arrived- it actually came the night before mommy’s visit to my memorial site now it’s a memorial blanket for mommy.  Her nose necklace also arrived when she came home with my brothers from visiting. She really loves it because I used to run and jump on the bed in the morning and trample her and shove my giant mastiff face in hers and sniff her really hard and loud- she’d pet my wrinkly face and sometimes laugh- then I’d run off or lay at the end of the bed- hey gotta make sure it was mommy and not a fake mommy double!

I hope that I remain an encouragement to all the pups and families facing osteosarcoma- that there is life after a cancer diagnosis, life after becoming a tripawd and that every day of my “extra time” was priceless. Mommy says it’s kind of hard knowing what to do now, because for the last 7 months she was with me all the time: at my doctor, at my therapist 2x a week, at my chiropractor, taking me to the bakery, giving me my medicine, sitting with me cuddling every night… I told her that my brothers need extra love now because they were so kind to share mommy with me so much. My big brother Jasper is very sensitive to mommy and he comforts her a lot. He patted her on the head when she came home last week and held her licking the tears off her face. She needs him. He also comforted me after my amputation. My other brother is a little crazy, but he was the best – always playing with me- teaching me bad things haha and he didn’t mind if I bumped or pushed him on accident or even if I accidentally sat on him.

Mommy is working on a remembrance garden in the backyard. I hope it makes her feel better. I am always with her, but if she wants to have a special spot I think that’s great. I hear every word she says to me and just wish I could make her sadness go away. Everyone tells her she was the most amazing mom in the whole world and that’s what I think too, she knows that, but she always says that she just wished God would have let her have me a little longer- that 1.7 years was much too short. She was watching the Long Island Medium when something struck her- Theresa said to someone else that the reason they were so inseparable and had such an intense connection with their family member was that their soul knew they had a limited time together on earth  – that’s what happened with mommy and I.


The Best Day Ever

So we got some crappy news – my cancer has spread everywhere and I have lots of tumors. Mommy is giving me palladia to try and shrink them and we go back Wednesday to see if it’s working. They say we don’t have much time, but I’m still feeling pretty good. Mommy is taking me to do lots of fun things! She says we have to live it up- that’s how you really beat cancer.

Mommy’s friend heard about my health and said that he wanted to give us a special gift- a day all about me with mommy and he would take professional photos! It was something he wanted to do for his beloved dog Shogun who passed away a couple weeks ago. So on Saturday we went to where mommy and daddy got married (they hadn’t adopted me yet so mommy thought it would be special to photograph me in some of their wedding photo spots) and we had so much fun! Mommy’s friend brought me a superhero cape and I was spoiled everywhere! All the people stopped to pet me and say how cute I was, the stores let me come inside and I got to try ice cream and go to the park! Oh and mommy got me special treats from Sweet Paws Dog Bakery who is now selling her jewelry! She uses the proceeds for my medical care.

What was so cool is that we could feel Shogun with us the whole day- everything went perfectly it was magical! Mommy says that Shogun is my special angel friend; he was known for making all the other dogs in his pack feel safe and comfortable- who are all rescues and fosters. I used to hate going out, because I was scared of the world, but now I love it! Mommy is even taking me on a cruise this weekend!! And the doggy beach!! I’m so excited!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot! The other night mommy said I should try a snickerdoodle cookie because I’m her snickerdoodle and  I LOVE ❤️ snickerdoodles!!!!




Need some pawsitive vibes!

So they found these lumps on me when we went to the doctor, but told mommy not to worry that they are likely benign, but now one is the size of a golf ball! Mommy freaks out over everything (she tries to hide it but I’m a smart boy) so she moved my appointment to next week instead of June. She said I must be checked and have all the best care! I don’t want her worrying so I’ll go along with it. Tomorrow we have hydrotherapy again – I’m sooo happy!!!!

Mommys also been taking us to the doggy park! I got to go two days in a row!!! I even initiated play which I almost never do!

Best news of the day-my whimzees arrived!! We haven’t had them in awhile and my brothers and I were soo excited!


Busy Guy

It’s been awhile! Things have been so busy for our family. My brother needed surgery, but the good news was that the bump removed was just injured tissue and not cancerous.

At my last checkup they found a stinky tumor in my lung and I’ve had some difficulties with my tummy from my piroxicam, but mommy is on top of it! She calls and emails the nurses and got me in to be seen and we think we’ve got it figured out so my tummy doesn’t hurt and we can still fight the stupid tumor.

Then on top of it all my amputation site tried to open and needed stitches and I had to wear shirts again! But now it’s healed and I can go back to my hydrotherapy!

I missed physical therapy so much- mommy even took me just to visit Jenn and get snacks to keep my spirits up.

Today at Petsmart people had lots of questions about me being a tripawd and they get all sad looking and sound like they pity me when they ask and mommy says I have cancer. Mommy wants them to know I don’t need pity I’m happy and nothing gets me down! We are not done fighting! I’m living life no matter how many months they think I have- I’ll decide when I’m ready to be an angel and not a day before!

My 5th Birthday!!!

Hi Everyone! This week I celebrate my 5th Birthday! Mommy says this is a very special birthday because it marks another year she got to spend with me and I’m just weeks away from my 6 month ampuversary! She ordered a custom doggy cake from the nice bakery we always go to Bakery39. I was SO happy!!! We picked up my cake from the nice lady who owns the bakery, then we went to physical therapy and I got a birthday cookie and a TOY!!!  By the way did I mention that I started standing on two legs sometimes? YEP! Oh and they turned me into a bunny while I was there- I didn’t mind though since I got all those treats! Oh, and you won’t believe this- the next day my best friend next door gave me a TOY!!! And today… MOMMY LET US EAT THE CAKE!!! I’ve had a whole Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! Now I am snoozing…

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