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The adventures of happy boy Zeus!

big, happy & handsome!

A Big Friday!

My best friend in the whole world came to visit me! She lives next door and remembers when I was scared of the whole world when I was first adopted. She said I am a completely different dog now. As if that wasn’t cool enough, mommy told me that I was also going to see one of my other favorite friends- my physical therapist Jenn!

We went, but after a week 1/2 off of hydrotherapy I said NO WAY! I sat down in the treadmill, took lots of breaks, and made mommy and Jenn be my cheerleaders or else I stuck my foot on the edge so I didn’t have to tread (I still took all the treats though). I just didn’t want to, you know? Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym! This photo is from a day I felt like treading.

Afterwards, we went to this place called Healing Paws where I met my new integrative vet. At first I was a little whiny so they sprayed something on a bandana to help calm me and had mommy put it on me. I like her office- there are waterfalls, lots of windows, and they have comfy doggy beds with fresh blankies on the floor so it’s not scary like a regular vet office.

She talked with mommy FOREVER about lots of stuff and I eventually started dozing off (mommy talks a lot- she has so many questions). Then after filing my nails she gave mommy a Chinese herbal blend to help my immune system keep fighting cancer, along with my chemo pills, a joint supplement, and some special oil for my paw and chin sores. My new food Royal Canin prescription has already really helped with my allergies- I used to be pink and scratch myself until I bled sometimes, but now I’m not itchy anymore and no more allergy shots! I am going to see a chiropractor next week and will let you know what I think.



  1. Zeus, you really do look big but most of all reaaally happy and really handsome! And you should be thankful to have such a loving and dedicated mom-but then I’m sure you are. (Oh, and Manni wants to let you know that water treadmills are really no fun and you can opt out if you act all scaredy…)
    Good going!!
    Tina & Manni

    • zubear

      March 5, 2017 at 6:48 pm

      Aww thanks! We will see if he takes Manni’s advice tomorrow at hydrotherapy haha. The pep talks have already begun, “We are going to do our physical therapy tomorrow- right!?” This is met with a long stare from Zu LOL. We shall see.

  2. Yup I hear you loud and clear about sometimes just not “feelin’ it” when it comes to workouts lol. You are sure one loved and lucky pup with all your Mom does to make you feel good. Glad it’s all working for you!

    • zubear

      March 5, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      Thanks! Mommy tells me that I’m a special special boy because I inspire and amaze her with my great attitude despite everything I’ve been through (losing my family at 3, being a return adoption, and cancer with amputation) and that she and daddy will make sure I know I’m loved every single second of every day.

  3. Great photos! Just curious, what food is he on? Gator scratches alot too, although not as bad.

    • zubear

      March 5, 2017 at 6:44 pm

      We tried many diets but the one that has worked the best is royal canin prescription diet- we get the veterinary diet hydrolyzed protein adult canned food (he LOVES!) and diet selected protein adult PR dry dog food (rabbit, but there are different kinds) from Chewy online- it’s even more expensive in the store, so I would suggest using; you just need a prescription from your vet or for the vet to okay it when they contact them. The 25 pound bag online is about $80 with autoship and 24 cans of the wet food about $75 with autoship. He also gets 10 fishoil capsules a day based on his weight and the type of cancer he is fighting (osteosarcoma). I would say it only took a few weeks before his skin that was normally pink everytime he ate something he was allergic to went completely back to normal. We never had such results even when avoiding the food his allergy tests had shown he was allergic to and using allergy shots!

      Our other dogs who do not have any illnesses had become itchy on Blue Buffalo and I did some research and found out many people had the same problem and apparently it isn’t the food it once was. I took them off and have had them on Earthborn and Wellness CORE with no problems. Our oldest had even started scratching tufts of hair out, but that all resolved after taking off of BB. They each get 4 fishoil capsules a day at about 80 pounds each. *if you do start using fishoil just remember to ease them in so they don’t get the runs- there are guides online. Hope this helps!!!

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