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The adventures of happy boy Zeus!

big, happy & handsome!

Oncology Check-up

So I have these things called 6 week check-ups where mommy takes me all the way back to the doggy hospital in another state (it’s almost an hour!). I still get the shakes in the waiting room because I remember when I had to stay overnight  for my amputation without mommy or daddy for 2 whole nights! So anyway, they always tell me how cute and strong I am and steal my blood and sometimes make me get x-rays! This time they told me to go pee and I said are you kidding me? I’m a grown man (5 next month to be exact) I only pee in my own yard! So mommy had to do that part and take it to my regular vet  (sorry mommy for the extra trips). They said my labwork was great, but that I have a UTI so I have to take some more medicine this week to make it go away. Sheesh all these pills!

So mommy also found out that my paw sores are from my allergies too! Guess I’m just a sensitive guy or something. The vet said I need some medicine and antihistamines to help them get better. She also told mommy to alternate soaking my feet in epsom salt and chlorhexidine solution with water. The first time mommy thought it would be noooo problem because I walk right into the treadmill at water therapy. She was WRONG. I fought her and refused to step inside the stupid bin she filled with water! I backed up and dropped all 96 pounds so I was one big heavy weight. I totally thought I won that battle. Well… she remembered a trick a vet tech told her and whipped out a ziplock (mommies are TOO resourceful)! But at least I get to lay down while she soaks me (so I guess this is what they call a compromise). My “tootsies” are already looking better according to mom and now I’m curled up tightly like a snail sleeping soundly and she can’t get to my feet if she tried! Bet nobody thought a mastiff could curl up this small, but I CAN!


  1. Neat idea with the ziploc bag!

  2. Oh Zeus!! You crack me up! I just adore you! You are such a spunky boy…er…man!! BTW…HAPPY BIRTHDAY…next month! 🙂

    You keep on doing your curled up tightly snuggle position. No way Mom can get to your paws now! 🙂 I can visualize you plopping your almost a hundred pound self on the floor just knowing yiur mom couldn’t do a thing about it! Well, unless she had zip lock bags handy! 🙂

    Sorry about the UTI…bummer! You’ll sail though it though a d be all better soon.

    I just love looking at pictures of your handsome self…keep ’em coming! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Zeusss! Don’t you hate it too when they always try to do stuff to our feet?? That’s just no fair, lemme tell ya! nice job with the curling up though. gotta try me some of that if they come for my feet again!! I always do the all-paws-in-the-air number, they can’t do a whole lot then, either. maybe you should try that! no point in tipping over fluid filled zip-locks har-har! 🙂
    And be strong my friend, us boys are not sensitive! that’s for the ladies!! we are tough cookies!!!
    cookies?? hang on. cookies???
    be right back Zeus, gotta go real quick

    your friend Manni

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