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Mommy Love

First mommy said she is SOOO embarrassed that she has not updated my site in so long, but you know what mommy has been super busy. We have some exciting news to share… I have a new baby brother named Bruno! Mommy met him last December at the same shelter I came from where she volunteers. He reminded her of my brother Captain- a crazy catahouligan (catahoula leopard dog). He was what she calls a bit “cray cray” (total opposite of me) and would body slam her and knock her over but he was so cute and she knew like me he just wasn’t going to make it out. Every time she thought she had a rescue plan for him it didn’t work. So she decided to foster him at our house. After a couple of months a rescue took ownership and then on mother’s day it became official he’s my little brother! Even Jasper who is picky about his siblings gets along with him… well when he’s not being cray cray. He sleeps in my room and mommy tells him all about me and how I watch over everyone because I’m an angel now. She tells him he is not allowed to rip up my bed because it is something I shared with him. He even has his own facebook page and fans who followed his whole story. Mommy and daddy were not going to adopt another dog and when they did daddy wanted a great dane and mommy OF COURSE wanted a MASTIFF like me (she said I helped her find her “breed”), but you know what mommy and daddy stayed true to just adopting a dog that needed a home and that happened to be a pittie catahoula she says he’s a “pittiehoula.” The funny thing is mommy would always tell¬† Captain she loves him and wouldn’t trade him, but he is a bit cray cray so she and that one catahoula in the house was enought! Daddy always wanted a great dane, but I sent Bruno. She wonders sometimes if I truly sent him, so I send little signs like he drools, hugs, has a smooshy face, and does a really good side eye… just like me.

Also, mommy and my oldest brother Jasper came to visit me recently before she left on a trip to the West Coast to present at a conference and see her family and friends in Seattle after 7 years. When she was there she told grandma that on the 2nd anniversary of me becoming an angel we all needed to be by the water since my last night I was on a boat with mommy. When mommy arrived at grandma’s grandma had filled the guest room with photos of me- mommy was so happy. Then on my anniversary they went to the water where everyone leaves special messages on the dock area. Mommy left me one all the way across the country! She says everyone should know how special I am.¬† And don’t worry mommy has a whole list of my “Angel Signs.” I got pretty creative and found new ways to surprise her because I’m her Zuzu Bear and she says she just needs me… needs to know I’m still close. Love ya mommy!

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  1. jerry

    Hey it’s so good to hear from you Zeus! Tell Mommy she can update whenever she wants, it’s OK! I’m just so happy that Bruno is keeping the pack on their toes. Congratulations! Looks like you picked out a very special boy for them.

    Those are beautiful memories of your angelversary my friend. Hard to believe two years have gone by. Wow. We miss you down here but we know you are never far. Thanks for looking out for us.


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