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Angel Signs

So my newest way of showing mommy angel signs is to have my best friend show up after mommy has talked about or visited me. My best friend lived next door, but she moved away awhile ago so mommy rarely sees her. She is actually the person who came with mommy to the memorial park and helped bury me and decorate my memorial. She even gave me special angel lights. I didn’t bond with a lot of people, but the first time she saw me she told mommy she LOVED her new dog. She would always come outside and call my name and I would run right over to the fence and she’d hop over to play or give me my pets over the fence. Mommy took these screen shots from my last video with her. I just adored her and she adored me.

When I would go outside I’d always look for her. So when mommy went to visit me this summer and came back home she was in the backyard and the next thing she knew my friend walked outside (daddy had let her in). Mommy was in shock she told her she had just visited me that morning and just knew I’d sent my friend over to let her know I knew she and Jasper came to see me. My friend also got to meet my new little brother and thought he was hilarious. He goes nuts when he meets new people – he’s a bit different than me that way- he will run up and hug anyone! Mommy says she has to be careful nobody steals him because he would go anywhere with anyone. She says he does a good job helping to fight stereotypes about pitties. He’s just a goofball.

Then mommy was making a facebook post about me and not a few seconds after she hit the “post” button… she heard a knock at the door… yep it was my best friend standing there. Mommy was shocked! She told her she was never gonna believe that she had just posted about me online seconds before. I got her attention for sure. Mommy just had to smile and laugh because I’m always going to find a way to get her attention she just never knows how or when. I mean mommy’s are forever right? So a little thing like a body never stopped me from visiting.  


  1. benny55

    And Zeus said: “So a little thing like a body never stopped me from visiting”. Exactly Zeus!!!! I loooove that!! And no one is a better example of that than YOU!!!

    I just finished reading your “catching up post” and wanted to reply after I hopped over here first. Well, I HAD to reply here first!! Head tomtoe chills reading about al the very ZEUS SPECIFIC SIGNS he sent you! WOW!!! Zeus really kmows how to make his presence known ……ways that leave no doubt that he KNOWS Mommies are furever…and he knows, that you know…ZEUS IS FUREVER!!!😎😎

    Thank you so much for sharing these signs with us😊 It’s such a lovely way to remind us all that, a little thing like a body never stops our furbavies from visiting. And the pictures are such a treasure. Love seeing them!!

    Thank yoj qgain. It’s just wonderful heari fron uou, and Zeus💖💖
    Love and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. jerry

    Oh I love it when our angels leave signs like this! Thank you Zeus, it made my day to know you are being such a great communicator with the people who loved you the most. I’m so glad your mom shared this with us 🙂

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